Early environmental influences

Kirsty was brought up by her mum who was a painter and also exposed to the homes and working lives of artists and craftworkers from an early age.

Before she could paint, Kirsty was sit and analyse her mum’s paintings and made a pre-determined decision not to paint in sludgy browns and natural colours before she could paint. Quite intuitively she also shyed away from any painting tuition: always preferring to develop her own methods.

Cartoony influences

Kirsty first discovered her cartooning skills at the age of 26 when her paintings began to take on an animated and overly colourful appearance. At this point, she split the two interests: painting and cartooning/educational work.

When taking a rest from painting, Kirsty develops a number of educational projects which include the development of 3 character-led projects. Her painting development remains greatly inspired by these worlds. Infact her small still lives have a doll-like quality. Larger floral works have a magical presence and her seascapes may have a child-like expresive marks. Her sense of colour has almost certainly been influenced by this line of work.

Impressionist beginnings

Kirsty Kennedy’s painting technique is self-taught and possibly quite unique: each layer is built up with dabs of colour until the overall impression is created. Although her work carries the hallmarks of an impressionist, she combines an interest in naive art and works predominately from her imagination in order to enhance the overall effect.